Tuesday, December 14, 2010

U Seal Knife Gate Valve (KU050)-made in china valve



A. It is suitable for powder and pellet discharge which requires good tightness.

B. Valve body has a special anti-trapping design. When it gate close, the anti-trapping guard plate can prevent pellets to be remained and stick. Meanwhile, it is able to avoid any increase of moving force, which may result in wear.

C. With the air seal design, when the shut plate is moving, the air seal will keep a clearance with the gate. After the plate moves to fix position, the air seal will closely touch with the plate for the purpose of leakage prevention. Besides, it can prevent wear during movement to improve the service life.

D. Manual device is a pillar cam structure in order to meet fast opening or closing requirement.

Standard Specification:

A. Size: 2'' to 20''

B. Flange: JIS 10K, ANSI 150#, PN10;

C. Temperature Range (centigrade): 0 to 210;

D. Pressure Range: Up to 2kg/Square Centimeter;

E. Operation: Pneumatic & Manual;

F. Material: Aluminum Alloy & Stainless Steel.


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